Toyota 4 Runner/Hilux/Surf

1987-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Toyota 4Раннер
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
- 3. Engines
   - 3.1. 4-cylinder engines
      3.1.1. Specifications
      3.1.2. Types of repair, выполняемыe without removal of the engine from the car
      3.1.3. Installation of the piston of the 1st cylinder in VMT of a step of compression
      3.1.4. Cover of a head of cylinders
      3.1.5. A soaking-up collector
      3.1.6. Final collector
      3.1.7. Cam-shafts and pushers
      3.1.8. Head of cylinders
      3.1.9. Cover of a chain drive of cam-shafts
      3.1.10. Forward epiploon of the crankshaft
      3.1.11. Oil pallet
      3.1.12. Oil pump
      3.1.13. Flywheel (a leading disk of the hydrotransformer)
      3.1.14. Back epiploon of the crankshaft
      3.1.15. Engine mount details
   + 3.2. Engines of V6 3,0 l (1993-1994) and 3,4 l (since 1995)
   + 3.3. Dismantle and major maintenance of the engine
+ 4. Systems of heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel and exhaust systems
+ 6. Transmissions
+ 7. Transmission elements
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 10. Body
+ 11. Electric equipment
+ 12. Electroschemes

3.1.15. Engine mount details


Engine mount details as a rule do not demand leaving, however at detection of damage of support of the engine or their aging, it is necessary to replace them immediately.


1. Lift the car and establish on supports, then place under the oil pallet of the engine a support. Lay between the pallet and a support a big board and carefully raise the engine to unload support. It is forbidden to substitute a board under a drain stopper of the pallet.
2. Check existence on support (are specified by shooters) cracks, hardening or an otsloyeniye from a metal basis.
3 whether. Check plates of support concerning the engine or a frame (for this purpose shake support mount, or a big screw-driver) move. If moving is felt, lower the engine and tighten fastenings of support.
4. For delay of aging grease rubber details of support with preserving means.


1. Disconnect the battery from weight, lift the car and establish on supports.
2. Unscrew nuts and bolts, raise the engine and remove a support.
3. Installation is carried out upside-down. Grease carvings of nuts and bolts with fixing structure and reliably tighten.